Article | 11.03.2022
Article | 11.03.2022

What is an international health insurance broker?

Looking for international medical insurance, but not sure where to start? A health insurance broker can help you to find the right insurance for you, all for free.

A health insurance broker is a person or a business that sources a private health insurance plan for you and helps to organize the most suitable cover for your medical needs based on your country of interest.

Rather than having to find international medical insurance for yourself or having to settle for insurance that doesn’t fit your needs, you can work with an international health insurance broker who can use their contacts and expertise to find coverage that works best for you.

The best health insurance brokers have been working alongside recognized insurance providers for a long time. They’ll also have connections to global providers in locations that are relevant to your needs - for example, if you’re looking for international health insurance in the USA but live in Switzerland.

What’s the difference between a health insurance broker and an insurance agent?

An insurance agent is someone who’s contractually obligated to work with certain providers. They’re usually part of a health insurance company and work on their behalf. They’ll only offer you insurance plans from that particular provider, even if those plans don’t necessarily fit your needs. They’re paid by the insurance provider directly. 

A health insurance broker is an independent organization or person who works with several different insurance providers to create specialized packages for clients. They’re able to offer multiple plans from different providers. A health insurance broker isn’t paid by the person buying the insurance - they’re paid on commission from the providers.

What are the main benefits of a health insurance broker?

There are many benefits to having an insurance broker on your side when booking your coverage, but here are the main ones:

1. You benefit from our expertise

Insurance policies and the type of features and benefits they offer often vary from one provider to another which may mean you pay more for one type of benefit that would come as standard from another provider. With so many providers out there, you can get lost searching for precisely what you want.

Don’t waste your valuable time to compare international health insurance providers - get a broker who will do the legwork for you. Better still, you’ll get all the benefits of having a specialized healthcare insurance expert who can get you exactly what you need.

2. You’ll have a personal insurance consultant

With good health insurance brokers, you’ll get a personal insurance consultant who’s there to help you with anything you need and provide dedicated support. They’ll talk to you in your preferred language in terms you understand. Insurance can be complicated - having someone you can trust to explain what you need to know is helpful for getting the right coverage.

Best of all, whenever you’re in need, you can speak to your consultant and get a human response. Your consultant’s like your personal insurance concierge, helping you get the most out of your experience.

3. You don’t have to struggle through the small print

Typically, buying international medical insurance means you’ll have to sign legal documents - and these can involve a lot of small print. Rather than trying to understand everything by yourself, you can ask your health insurance broker to help take care of the paperwork.

How much does a health insurance broker cost?

Perhaps the best reason for choosing health insurance with worldwide cover through a broker is that it doesn’t cost you anything. That’s right - using health insurance brokers like ASN means you can get a highly tailored insurance package and personalized service, all for free.

Find out more about how ASN’s services directly benefit you and at no extra cost.

Should I use a health insurance broker?

The answer is yes! Although we might be biased, we genuinely think that a health insurance broker can help you to access and pay for only the insurance you need. Don’t settle for mediocre insurance that won’t help you when you most need it - get health insurance that gives you peace of mind and solves your problems in difficult situations.

You might want to use a health insurance broker if you are:

  • A professional worker who needs health insurance for living abroad temporarily
  • An expat who has permanently moved abroad
  • A professional who’s relocating, or has just relocated for work for a long period
  • A commuter whose job is across a country border
  • A high-risk professional, such as an athlete, pilot, dignitary, etc.
  • A digital nomad

In terms of when to use a global health insurance broker, the best time is now! You can either use their services before you move or after - it’s really up to you but some countries may require it as a prerequisite on their visa application.

Register your details with us to find out more about international health insurance for your specific destination.

How to use a health insurance broker

It’s simple to get started with a health insurance broker. Once you’ve decided on which broker to use - and we hope you choose us! - you should be put in contact with a consultant or agent who can help you pinpoint what you need, when you need it and how much it will cost you.

You’ll need to provide information like:

  • Where do you live now, and where will you need to be insured?
  • Is this your first time buying health insurance?
  • Do you have coverage already, or are you looking to switch providers?
  • How frequently do you see healthcare professionals?
  • Will you need to see specialists, or do you want to continue with your current care team?
  • What medication do you currently take?
  • What is your budget for healthcare insurance?
  • Will you need to add anyone else to your plan, such as a spouse?
  • Where do you normally fulfill your prescriptions?

Once your consultant knows what you need, they’re able to source potential plans and give you options. They’ll explain exactly what you need to know and how much different plans will cost.

When you’re ready to book, your consultant will help you through the process and make sure you’re happy at every stage of the way.

How to choose a health insurance broker

When choosing your health insurance broker, you should look out for:

  • Their license: Are they licensed to offer insurance plans?
  • Their expertise: How long have they operated?
  • Their reach: How many countries do they work across?
  • Their added extras: What else do they offer besides booking your insurance?
  • Their communication style: Do they communicate information in a way you understand?
  • Their consultants: Can you reach your consultant easily in an emergency?

Why choose ASN?

ASN has long-standing connections with the world’s leading providers of health insurance worldwide. With 25 years of experience providing premium insurance to our clients, we’re the leading organizers of expats insurance in Switzerland and beyond. We like to think of ourselves as a Swiss broker with a global insurance mindset.

We’ve been booking the best international medical insurance for our clients for years, all for free. We’ve helped thousands of clients to safely navigate hard medical situations such as cancer, accidents and more with the reassurance that their insurance will cover these eventualities.

We believe our success lies in our people-first approach and our trusted connections. We care deeply about our clients - their safety and peace of mind is our main goal.

Want to learn more about how we can help you book premium international medical insurance? Click here to find out more, or get in touch.


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