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Frequently Asked Questions about ASN in general

Will my insurance cover treatment in my home country?
Yes, in most cases, you will be covered for surgery/treatment in your home country. Please note, this can be specific to your policy or the provider. International Health Insurance solutions are designed for expats and travellers in need of consistent mobile coverage. Please contact your ASN consultant if you have any questions.
What are the options for payment?
Most insurance providers offer a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual payment plan. Please note that for bi-annual payments and up, a credit card could be required for payment processing. Annual payments can also be made by bank transfer. Most insurance providers will offer a discount for an annual payment; this option is recommended.
How long does it take to process my application? When do I get my policy?
Depending on the insurance provider and type of insurance, application processing times can vary for each customer or case. Providing all the necessary information as accurately and detailed as possible, in relation to past and present medical conditions, can improve the speed of the application process. In most cases, processing an application can take between 2 – 7 business days. Your ASN consultant will ensure that the application process is as fast as possible.

If you have supplementary insurance or are transferring from an existing international insurance, ASN’s free-vesting agreement will support a smooth and fast transition/application process.
Which languages are available at ASN & in the insurance companies?
Most insurance companies offer a 24/7 multilingual support line. While most insurance documents are in published English, ASN’s insurance partners also provide support to French, Spanish, and German speaking customers.

ASN can offer you support and services in German, French, Italian, English, and Spanish, via phone, email, and face-to-face. If you require assistance outside of ASN’s business hours, e.g. in the event of an emergency, please refer to the reverse side of your insurance card for your insurance provider’s 24/7 multilingual support line.
Who is my contact person?
ASN is first and foremost your insurance contact. Your assigned personal ASN consultant will help you with renewals, claims, guarantees of payment, and general inquiries. Outside of business hours, and in emergencies, you can contact the insurance provider directly using the contact details on the reverse side of your insurance card.
Do I pay for ASN’s services?
ASN’s services are completely free of charge. We work closely with the insurance providers on a commission basis. The commissions we earn are calculated and already included within the standard premium. Please note that taxes are calculated separately and not included in the basic premium.
Who is ASN, Advisory Services Network AG?
ASN is an international insurance broker, located in Zurich, Switzerland, specialising in health, travel, life, disability and income insurance solutions. We provide a complete and personalized service: management of your policy, administration, claims handling/processing, revision and renewals, requests for guarantees of payment, locating hospitals/clinics and medical specialists, etc. There are no hidden costs. ASN’s services are free of charge and our customers only pay for their insurance.
Why should I choose ASN?
ASN has been a specialist in international insurance for over 25 years. The close relationships that ASN builds with insurance provider companies means that you benefit from the best service available, with the most up-to-date information and insurance solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs. ASN is also a priority partner with the insurance providers, meaning you benefit from the same priority status by being an ASN client.
What is the difference between international health insurance and travel insurance?
International health insurance is comprehensive private medical insurance that is mobile and provides worldwide cover, as well as a higher level of benefits. These policies typically last for one year, before a renewal is required. Examples of cover include: routine check-ups, in-patient & out-patient treatment/surgery, dental, vision, pregnancy, alternative medicine, rehabilitation, chronic disease treatment, etc.

Travel insurance is specific to the location(s) that you will be travelling, lasts for any period up to 11 months, and only covers you in the event of an emergency. It also covers travel cancellations, loss of luggage, unexpected change of circumstances, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions about International Health Insurance

Am I also covered for accidents?
International Health Insurance covers you for both illness and accidents; in the event of an emergency or a planned treatment, you are protected.
Will I receive an Insurance Card?
Depending on your insurance provider and your policy, once the premium has been paid, you will receive an insurance card by post. Some insurance providers will also give you the option of obtaining a digital insurance card that can be stored on your smartphone, while others can also provide a printable version for immediate use.
Will my insurance cover treatment in my home country?
Yes, in most cases, you will be covered for surgery/treatment in your home country. Please note, this can be specific to your policy or the provider. International Health Insurance solutions are designed for expats and travellers in need of consistent mobile coverage. Please contact your ASN consultant if you have any questions.
What deductible can I choose?
Depending on the provider, you can pick a deductible ranging from USD $0 - $50’000. This is applied per person on an annual basis. More detailed information on this, specific to your insurance provider, can be found in your customer handbook or policy T&C’s.
Can my policy be terminated due to too many claims?
No, the insurance companies are not permitted to terminate a contract due to too many claims/invoices. You are guaranteed a lifetime coverage.
Are the medical costs billed directly to the insurance provider?
Medical expenses are generally billed on a "pay and claim" basis. However, some providers will cover costs upfront. For more information on this and on obtaining a Guarantee of Payment (GOP), please contact your ASN consultant.
What is the minimum insurance period?
With most insurance providers, the contract period is usually one year.
Will my pre-existing conditions be included?
Pre-existing medical conditions can either be rejected or accepted against a loading. Please contact your ASN consultant if you have further questions.
Can I insure a child individually?
Yes, some providers offer this protection. Please contact your ASN consultant to discuss this in detail.
Can I take out insurance during my pregnancy?
Yes, you can. However, pregnancy will not be covered. Please note that, if you invest in a new international health insurance, waiting periods of 10 - 12 months will apply before you can claim pregnancy benefits.
Can I be exempt from the obligatory Swiss Basic Insurance system (KVG) if I choose an international insurance instead?
Unfortunately, this is not possible unless you can prove that your international protection has the same coverage as the compulsory Swiss basic insurance (KVG). As most international insurances cannot meet these requirements, the Swiss authorities will refuse your exemption.
In which currencies can I pay?
Most insurance providers accept payment in common currencies such as USD ($), EUR (€), GBP (£). Some providers will accept other currencies depending on your location, e.g. UAE, China, etc.
As a swiss citizen, can I take out international insurance?
As a Swiss Citizen, you are eligible with some insurance providers to take out an international health insurance that is supplementary to the Swiss basic insurance (KVG). However, this will not cover you in Switzerland. As you are obligated to maintain the Swiss basic insurance (KVG), international health will only cover you while abroad and, as such, is intended for expats, travellers, mobile employees, and digital nomads.
Can I only take out insurance for a short period of time?
Travel insurance is recommended for short periods of time, as you can determine the number of travel days yourself. However, this type of cover will only protect you in the event of emergencies, not for general health check-ups and or visits to a GP.
Is there a waiting period before receiving certain treatments?
From the commencement date of your new insurance policy, certain surgeries/treatments won’t be immediately available to you. Depending on the insurance provider and the healthcare required, the waiting periods will vary. Your ASN consultant will be available to provide you with detailed information specific to your situation.
What is a deductible and excess & when can it be changed?
Deductible: Before the insurance provider can commence covering your claims, you are required to pay the total of your selected deductible first. You can do this by sending the paid invoices for your medical treatments, in order for it to accumulate towards, and reach, the total amount of your deductible. Once you have reached the annual deductible amount, selected when setting up your policy, the insurance provider will then commence covering future costs.

Excess: The excess is the share of the costs that you will pay in every event (treatment, check-up, surgery, etc.). If you have an invoice of $800 USD and you have selected an excess of $350 USD, the insurance provider will only reimburse the difference to you. In this example, it is a difference of $450 USD. This will be the case for every claim that is processed, once you have reached the selected deductible.

You can change the excess and deductible once per year, during the renewal period.

Please inform ASN if you would like to make changes; your assigned consultant can manage this for you. Should this change of deductible or excess coincide with an upgrade, you will be required to complete a new medical form.

Should you choose to select a policy with no deductible or excess, this will result in a higher premium.

Note that all of the above is subject to variation depending on your specific insurance provider and policy. Please refer to your policy and the terms and conditions of the insurance provider for information more specific to your case or contact your ASN consultant.
What happens if I change my home address/relocate?
Depending on the country that you relocate to, certain changes may apply to your policy.

You can forward your change of address to your ASN consultant via email and we will inform the insurance provider on your behalf.

If you move during the contract year of your policy, there will be no changes. However, depending on the city or country that you relocate to, the premium may change at renewal date. Also, the premium may change if you relocate during the renewal period. Again, this will depend on the country you relocate to.

Due to compliance, some countries have certain requirements, which is why the insurance provider has to know about any changes. If you move to the USA, Dubai, or a high-risk country (Afghanistan, Syria, etc.), please inform us before relocation and ASN will find the best alternative insurance solution for you.

As soon as you are aware of your relocation circumstances, please inform your assigned ASN consultant, that they may inform you if there is a need to adjust your policy.
Do I have free choice of doctor(s) or clinic(s)?
Yes, you are free to select the doctor, specialist, hospital or clinic of your choice, within the area of cover selected. Your ASN consultant can also provide information on the doctors and hospitals/clinics recognized by the insurance provider.
Is a private room guaranteed?
Most international health insurance providers will cover hospital treatment in a private room. Some hospitals and clinics, depending on your location, may not be able to offer private rooms. In this case, you may receive a semi-private room. As you have the freedom to choose your hospital or clinic, you have the ability to choose a hospital, clinic or facility where private rooms are confirmed available. Your ASN consultant can also provide information on the hospitals/clinics recognized by the insurance provider.

Please note that your medical condition is considered first, and there may be a limited selection of facilities equipped to handle your healthcare needs. As such, the capacity to care for your needs is paramount to the comfort of a private room.
What are the cancellation conditions and deadlines?
Depending on the insurance provider, cancellation conditions and deadlines vary. It is important to note these conditions and deadlines during the setup of your policy. Most insurance providers will only allow a policy cancellation upon the annual renewal period.
What is an Insurance policy upgrade & downgrade?
An upgrade and downgrade of your policy refers to the addition or removal of benefits. This will result in the increase or decrease of the premium.

Depending on the insurance provider, various plans are available, providing different benefits and options specific to your needs. In the case of lower rate plans, essential benefits, such as treatments for chronic illnesses, certain medications, other outpatient treatments, etc. can be limited; while other benefits are completely excluded (pregnancy, dental, alternative medicine, etc.). If you are already insured, you can upgrade or downgrade your policy at the renewal date of the contract, in order to add or remove certain benefits. While a downgrade is achievable without documents, a health declaration is required to achieve an upgrade
How can I upgrade my policy?
In general, an upgrade is only possible with a health declaration; however, this can vary depending on the insurance provider. The reason for this is that the provider wants to make sure that the upgrade does not coincide with a treatment that is already planned, for which you have no or insufficient coverage in your current policy.
What is an outpatient, inpatient and day-patient?
Outpatient -

This refers to an examination/procedure that does not require hospital admission and may also be performed in a healthcare facility other than a hospital. Those receiving outpatient care are not required to stay overnight and are also free to leave the medical practice, clinic or hospital, once the procedure is over. These treatments can be refunded with the pay and claim method.

Inpatient -

This refers to a procedure that requires the patient to be admitted to the hospital, so that he or she can be closely monitored during the procedure and, afterwards, during recovery. Inpatient care requires overnight hospitalization. Patients must stay at the medical facility where their procedure took place, for at least one night. During this time, they remain under the supervision of a nurse or doctor. For this, the client is required to present a Guarantee of Payment.

Day-Patient -

This refers to a patient that will go to the hospital to receive treatment, may be placed in a bed/room, though leave the same day. During this time, they remain under the supervision of a nurse or doctor. For this, the client is required to present a Guarantee of Payment.

It is important to know if you are an outpatient, inpatient, or day-patient, as basic international insurance plans often include very little or no coverage for outpatient treatments. Depending on your insurance provider, to be fully covered for both inpatient and outpatient treatment, you may need to select outpatient benefits as a supplementary option to your core hospital plan.

Depending on inpatient and outpatient scenarios, deductibles may vary also, which is why it is important to differentiate between them.

Having a test, procedure or consultation in a hospital does not necessarily mean you are an inpatient; this is a common cause of confusion. The difference between inpatient and outpatient care is how long a patient must remain in the facility where the examination/procedure occurs.
How long does it take for a claim to be processed?
The time required for a claim to be successfully processed depends on the information provided. If this information is complete and accurate, then your claim can generally be processed within 4-7 work days. Your ASN consultant will be able to provide you with detailed information and updates.
How do renewals work?
Your ASN consultant will contact you regarding your renewal to offer consultation and provide you with ample decision-making time.

If you agree with the renewal, you can renew the premium by paying the full amount of the current premium. Depending on what kind of payment method you choose, you will be notified if the insurance provider requires your credit card details to process the payment.

Should you want to make changes to your policy, you can contact us and we will then get in touch with the corresponding insurance provider. Please note that, should you want to upgrade your policy, health questions will apply and, depending on the state of your health, exclusion and or possible loadings may occur.

In case your life situation has changed, and you no longer need your current policy, we ask that you send us an email, confirming that you wish to cancel your contract. We will then forward this to the insurer and send you a confirmation once they have confirmed your cancellation.
Am I covered in the USA for emergencies if I have not chosen the respective cover?
Generally, yes. While most providers will cover for emergencies in the USA, there may be conditions specific to your policy. Please contact your ASN consultant for more information or, in the event of an emergency, contact your insurance provider as soon as possible, using the details on your insurance card.
Is there a list of hospitals, doctors and clinics?
Yes, each insurance provider has a list of recognized medical providers. Your ASN consultant can direct you to this.

The list will vary depending on the insurance provider you have chosen. Usually, you are free to visit the medical provider of your choice for outpatient treatments and will have to contact your insurance provider prior to any hospitalisation, in order to arrange a Guarantee of Payment.

With international health insurance, you can consult any doctor of your choice who has graduated from a medical school recognized by the World Health Organization, who is licensed, and is registered to practice medicine in the country where the treatment is received. If you want your insurance provider to arrange and pay for your treatment, please contact your ASN consultant to organize this.
Will I receive a new insurance card for the coming insurance year?
It depends on your insurance provider. Some providers send you a new insurance card every year. With other providers, you will receive a card when you first become a member but may not receive a new card annually. You will only receive a new member ID card if you switch plans or if your plan's benefits change significantly.

If your insurance card has an expiry date, you will receive a new card accordingly.
Why do premiums increase?
Premiums fluctuate and increase because all insurance providers match their premiums to the anticipated increase in claims and inflation of medical expenses. This is based on analysis of the claims received during the previous year.
I haven’t made a claim. Why should my premium change?
Premiums will rise in line with inflation and the increase in medical expenses. To be fair to all customers, insurers spread the risk evenly. Therefore, whether you make a claim or not, your increase will be in line with the overall customer base and, as such, you benefit if and when you should be required to make a claim. This occurs for everyone and you will not be individually penalised/your premium will not increase due to your own claims.
What are insurance providers doing to control escalating costs?
Most insurance providers work with healthcare provider networks. These networks allow the negotiation of significantly better rates for customers. To benefit from this, we recommend contacting your ASN consultant or the insurance provider directly before booking inpatient treatment. Insurance providers are able to work directly with hospitals on specific cases, to assist with queries, agree on costs, and provide confirmation of payment. These networks and relationships also assist in containing medical inflation.

While ASN and or your insurance provider can recommend certain hospitals and healthcare facilities to you, you have the freedom of choosing any recognised hospital, clinic, doctor or specialist that you prefer.
How much do premiums increase on a yearly basis?
The increase in premiums can differ from year to year. The reason for the increase every year is that all insurance providers match their premiums to the anticipated increase in claims and inflation based on the claims received during the previous policy year and the inflation in medical expenses. In general, an increase can range between 6 - 11%. Some insurance providers will increase the premium based on age category also, e.g. those aged 45 - 50 and those 65 - 70. Your insurance provider will have detailed information on this in the customer handbook and policy Terms & Conditions.

If you are dissatisfied with the premium increase, you can request a comparison or enquire about changes that could be made to your policy. Your ASN consultant is there to assist in all of these matters.

Frequently Asked Questions about Life Insurance

Is death by suicide covered?
With some of our life insurance providers, suicide is covered after two years. If suicide occurs within the first two years of a policy being in force, then the beneficiary will receive the total premiums received for the policy to that date. This is specific to the provider and the policy. Please refer to your policy terms and conditions. If you have any questions, you can contact your ASN client consultant.
How long am I eligible for accidental death benefits?
This is specific to the provider and your policy. As an example, one of our provider partners will only provide cover for accidental death from the beginning of the policy up until the insured’s 70th birthday. Please refer to your policy terms and conditions, or contact your ASN consultant.
What happens if I live past my term life insurance?
Generally speaking, if you live beyond your term life insurance, you will no longer be eligible for benefits. Please refer to your policy terms and conditions or, alternatively, you can contact one of our client consultants.
What is life insurance?
While health insurance insures the cover of your medical expenses, life insurance can cover any and all costs associated with your death, provide financial support to your loved ones, offer cover for terminal illness or accidental death, and can be tailored to cover just you or you and your spouse/partner.
What is a joint life insurance policy?
A joint life insurance policy covers you and a second individual specified by you, usually a spouse or partner. These policies can usually be tailored to provide the beneficiaries with financial support after the death of the first insured or the death of the second insured. This can be specific to the insurance provider and the policy selected. The client consultants at ASN can assist in organizing this type of life insurance product for you.
What if my death is the result of reckless behaviour?
If your death is the result of reckless behaviour, e.g. taking drugs/medicine/poison not prescribed by a doctor, self-inflicted injuries, engaging in dangerous activities, then you may not be eligible for cover. Please refer to your policy terms and conditions. You may also contact our client consultants for any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions about Disability Insurance

Where am I covered?
Generally, you have worldwide coverage. Please refer to your policy terms and conditions for any exclusions or, alternatively, you can contact your ASN consultant for more information.
When does the cover begin and end?
The start date of your insurance is specified on your insurance certificate. As long as you have paid your first insurance premium on time and in full, there should be no problems. If you are unsure, please contact your ASN consultant directly or email
Can I cancel my insurance contract?
Yes, you can cancel your contract at the end of the agreed period (usually no less than 3 months beforehand). We can also cancel the contract on your behalf. Please refer to the policy terms and conditions regarding cancellation or contact your ASN consultant who will be able to assist with the cancellation.
When and how should I pay?
Your first payment must be made no later than two weeks after the confirmation of your insurance policy. You will be notified when additional contributions are to be made. You can directly transfer the funds to the insurance provider or authorize the funds to be withdrawn from your account. Your personal ASN consultant will assist in the setup of your preferred payment method.
What is not covered?
The following are typical exclusions from this type of insurance cover: suicide or attempted suicide, war, willful exposure to needles, unapproved flying, alcoholism, drug abuse, unprescribed nuclear radiation exposure, biological/chemical terrorism, mental illness/depression, pregnancy/childbirth, and cosmetic surgery/aesthetic treatments. Please refer to your policy terms and conditions for exact exclusions or contact your ASN client consultant for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions about Travel Insurance

What is the difference between travel insurance & international health insurance?
Travel insurance is designed to support you during emergencies while travelling to countries defined during the set up of your policy. These emergencies can include medical and dental emergencies, loss of luggage, missed flights, changes to travel plans due to unexpected circumstances, etc. Travel insurance is usually limited to a travel period of up to 11 months.

International health insurance policies typically last for one year, do not offer support due to loss of luggage and changes to travel plans, and are also designed to provide all-year cover for any and all health related issues, in your home country and abroad. It is not recommended that you use international health insurance to replace travel insurance, or vice versa.
Does my travel insurance cover loss of luggage?
Typically, yes. Your travel insurance will cover the loss, theft or damage to your possessions while abroad. Terms and conditions are specified in your policy contract. You can also contact ASN for further information.
Who handles the setup of my travel insurance?
The processes for the setup and purchase of your travel insurance can all be done online. This is much more convenient for you and the consultants at ASN are still available to answer any questions or communicate directly with the insurance provider, should you require any assistance.
Do I need to purchase travel insurance before the travel date?
Yes, you should purchase your travel insurance before your travel date. However, while it is possible to purchase travel insurance after you have departed your country of origin, you will not be covered for any incidents occurring before the commencement date and time of the policy. The terms and conditions are specified in your policy contract. You can also contact ASN for further information.
In the event of an emergency while travelling, who do I contact?
While ASN is always available during business hours to offer support and answer questions, it is recommended that you make use of the 24/7 multilingual hotline made available by the insurance provider. You can access these details in the emails you received after the purchase of your insurance. It is highly recommended that you save the contact details of ASN and the insurance provider in your phone, as well as have a hard copy (paper version) available at all times.
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