Article | 2022-03-11

Looking for international medical insurance, but not sure where to start? A health insurance broker can help you to find the right insurance for you, all for free.

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International Private Medical Insurance: Luxury Health Care, The Best Doctors & First-Class Facilities

How can you get access to the best health care and medical facilities in the world?

Article | 2022-09-30

Insider tips for frequently asked questions: how to make the most of your international health insurance

How do you make the most of your health insurance? Whether you’re looking at a short trip abroad or are making a big move, we’ve collected some of the key questions you might have about getting international health insurance.

Article | 2022-06-03

How to choose your expat insurance provider

If you’re making a significant move abroad, you’ll need to find an expat health insurance provider who can cover all of your requirements. But what should you look out for when selecting international health insurance, particularly when you’re an expat living abroad? Read on for our helpful guide to choose the best provider for global health insurance, travel insurance and more.

Customer story | 2022-05-16

Our #MakeaDifference Series: Traveling the world with Francesca Giarrante

As part of our #MakeaDifference series, we’re focusing on the amazing stories we’ve become a part of. ASN is here to make a difference in the lives of our clients and our employees, and this story really highlights how much we care about the lives we touch. Read on to learn about Francesca Giarrante, one of our outstanding Customer Care team members.

Customer story | 2022-05-11

Do I need a health insurance broker as an expat?

If you’re planning a move to a new country, it’s likely you’re already handling a lot of paperwork. From organizing housing, transport, finances and more, there are multiple decisions that need to be made when preparing for living and working in a foreign country.

Article | 2022-05-04

The situation in Ukraine/Russia and its impact on your policy

Not all provider handle the situation equally. This means that you must know with which insurance provider you have your policy with - especially when you are in Russia or the Ukraine, or have planned to go to one of these countries.

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