Article | 04.05.2022
Article | 04.05.2022

The situation in Ukraine/Russia and its impact on your policy

Not all provider handle the situation equally. This means that you must know with which insurance provider you have your policy with - especially when you are in Russia or the Ukraine, or have planned to go to one of these countries.

It is a fact that the international financial sanctions have an impact on all insurance providers, meaning that:

  • They cannot pay claims into bank accounts at sanctioned banks
  • Collect premiums from credit cards held with sanctioned banks or
  • Make premium refunds to a sanctioned bank

Our partner Cigna has created a list with all banks which are affected by the sanctions.

Additionally, please find some information below what kind of impact the situation has on the coverage of individuals:


Cigna is currently continuing to provide coverage subject to all the terms, conditions and limitations of a customer’s policy for customers located in Ukraine (excluding Crimea, the Donetsk People's Republic (DNR) or Luhansk People's Republic (LNR).

As a result of the sanctions, Cigna is unable to provide services to anyone in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) or Luhansk People’s Republic (LNR). This means that they can no longer provide coverage after February 21, 2022 to anyone living in the DNR or LNR regions. Furthermore, Cigna is also unable to offer cover in the Crimea region of Ukraine/Russia.

Due to the current situation, they have taken the decision to temporarily stop the sale of policies to new customers moving (inbound) to Ukraine. For as long as Cigna is able, they continue to renew and service the policies of existing customers in Ukraine.

In Russia and Belarus, Cigna is still approving treatments. Registered customers of a sanctioned bank have to provide Cigna a bank account of a not sanctioned bank in order to receive payments for claims.

Find more detailed information for Cigna customers right here.


GHI announces that with respect to the existing clients, they will continue to meet all obligations, also with the reinsurers, including prolongations - in accordance with the sanction’s requirements.

In accordance to the policy rules, the insurer shall not be liable for any claims which concern, are due to or are incurred as a result of treatment for sickness or injuries directly or indirectly caused by the insured putting her(him)self in danger by entering a known area of conflict (as listed below) and/or if the insured was an active participant or the insured have displayed a blatant disregard for your personal safety in a known area of conflict like:

War, riot, revolution, or other similar situation where active military actions or military exercises, weapon tests, or a rebellion take place, terroristic acts including Nuclear, Chemical, Biological Terrorism.

This means that the cover is in place for those who are in Ukraine or Russia and not putting themselves in danger.

Now Health

Now Health confirmed that there are no changes and that their customers still get treatments in Ukraine and Russia.


As Now Health, Globality also confirmed that there are currently no changes and that their members still can get treatments in Ukraine and Russia.


Bupa understands that medical treatment is severely limited in Ukraine and has therefore given guidance on how to access to Bupa’s virtual care service which is now accessible using MembersWorld.

Bupa is doing its best to support customers who are requesting evacuation. Due to restrictions on airspace and the borders, this can be impossible or difficult.

Also when members have difficulty paying for their plans, Bupa is standing by to support wherever they can.

However, if a customer decides to visit Ukraine at this time, this would be against government advice and Bupa would review any claims on a case-by-case basis, in respect of the war zone exclusion.

In support of Ukraine, Bupa has decided to cease doing business in Russia. This means that no new business will be accepted by any Bupa business for customers living in Russia, or where a business is owned/ located in Russia.

In relation to sanctioned members or entities, Bupa will comply with its legal and regulatory obligations and cease coverage immediately. In relation to Russian-owned or controlled businesses, Bupa will seek to cease coverage at the end of the current insured period.

Customers in Russia can continue to use their plans as normal, until instructed otherwise – even though Bupa expects evacuation/ repatriation from Russia to be very challenging. However, customers should still contact Bupa if they need this type of support.


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