Customer story | 11.05.2022
Customer story | 11.05.2022

Do I need a health insurance broker as an expat?

If you’re planning a move to a new country, it’s likely you’re already handling a lot of paperwork. From organizing housing, transport, finances and more, there are multiple decisions that need to be made when preparing for living and working in a foreign country.

Insurance can often be the last thing you’re considering when you’re finalizing your plans, but it might end up being the most important part of your travel preparation. Preparing for unexpected events or potentially life-changing issues is important to not only be ready, but to feel secure in your next big move.

Read on to understand why international health insurance in particular is important for expats, and why a health insurance broker can help you settle into your new life.

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Do I need international health insurance as an expat?

You might not consider international health insurance as a priority for your move abroad, but there are several reasons why investing in health insurance is important.

  • If you’re uninsured, sorting out health coverage in an emergency can be difficult - and the likelihood of being able to see top doctors and specialists is slim. Getting health insurance in advance can expedite treatment when you really need it.
  • If you’re moving abroad with your family, having the security of knowing they will be cared for if accidents or other health emergencies occur is one less thing to worry about.
  • If you don’t have insurance with the right coverage, you might find yourself without support for long-standing illnesses such as cancer or issues that may need long-term treatment, such as mental health treatment. Insurance can ensure that you’ll be seen by the right people, get the right treatment, and be taken care of properly. AS an expat, you might not know the culture, language or typical processes in your new country - a health insurance broker can help to resolve these problems.
  • If accident or illness does strike, you may be incapacitated and need assistance in organizing your affairs. A health insurance broker will act on your behalf throughout this time of need by liaising with your insurance and medical providers, across languages and cultures so that your treatment is not compromised.

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How can I insure myself as an expat?

As an expat, you usually have three potential ways of insuring yourself.

Health insurance from your home country

Some expats decide to buy health insurance from their original country, using a domestic health insurance policy to cover any potential need abroad in their new location. This may cover the basics, but without deep knowledge of your new country’s health systems, providers and more, treatment may be delayed by bureaucracy meaning that you might not get the highest quality of healthcare. You also likely won’t be covered for further travel outside of your new country of residence, which might be a necessity if you’re traveling frequently.

Travel insurance coverage

This is a great option if you’re only abroad temporarily - but for expats, this will only give you coverage for a short period of time. You might also miss out on ongoing treatment cover, as you’ll likely only find coverage for accidents and emergencies. This might be the least expensive option, but it also provides you with the least amount of protection.

International health insurance

An international health insurance plan is the most comprehensive coverage you’ll be able to find as an expat. You’ll be able to take your pick of the best healthcare facilities and practitioners in your new country of residence, and you’ll have coverage for journeys to your home country and other locations. Longer-term or existing issues can be covered comprehensively, no matter where you are.

When do you need to think about international health insurance?

There’s no right or wrong time to purchase health insurance, but getting coverage in advance can make difficult periods much more manageable.

Ideally, you’ll organize your international health insurance before you travel. Being covered from the moment you touch down in your new location is advisable, as you never know when you’ll need to seek medical attention, for yourself or for your family.

You may also have existing health issues that will need treatment, or be planning on a life event that will require medical input, such as having a child. Having coverage planned out to cover all eventualities can reduce the stress of moving abroad significantly.

Once you’ve got key details about your new location, your potential needs and the length of time you’ll need coverage, you can investigate which health insurance policy will best work for you.

Do I need a health insurance broker as an expat?

The answer is no, you don’t need a health insurance broker as an expat - but it definitely helps to reduce the burden on your time and energy. Researching and finding tailored health insurance plans that will cover everything you need takes effort. It can be quite hard to understand all the elements involved, and to be sure the insurance will do what you need when you need it. A health insurance broker can take this burden off of your plate.

How can an international health insurance broker help you?

A great international health insurance broker works like a personal assistant, handling all the little details that need sorting.

Rather than having to trawl through insurance providers and all the fine print, a health insurance broker can do the legwork for you. From giving you personal advice on the insurance options you have available, finding the best insurance for you and handling all the administrative work, a broker can make your life a lot easier.

Why ASN is the best health insurance broker for you

Not only do we provide you with help to find and set up your policies, we provide you with a concierge-like experience, no matter where you’re settling down across the world.

From communicating in your chosen language to liaising on your behalf with your insurance and healthcare providers, we smooth the process of booking and claiming your health insurance. Your personal consultant will handle claims and renewals and offer you their in-depth expertise to get you comprehensive coverage that suits your needs.

Best of all, with our years of experience working alongside a network of reputable healthcare insurers, we’re able to provide you with Priority Status, which gives you particular benefits and options that aren’t available to individuals without our access.

While you focus on your expat journey, we focus on managing all aspects of your health insurance policy, all at no additional cost to you. You can see our full list of services here.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help, get in touch with us or read our dedicated page for more details.


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