Customer story | 26.04.2020
Customer story | 26.04.2020

Cassandra’s Story

“I think of him almost every day.”

Cassandra’s grandfather, Frank, was a valued ASN client for many years. In 2014, at the age of 69, Frank passed away due to a terminal illness.

This was a sad and stressful time for Cassandra and her family. She was in her final year of her undergraduate studies, working a part-time job, and also trying her best to be present for her mother and siblings during this time of mourning.

By maintaining his life insurance though, Frank had ensured that his family would be well taken care of.

Frank organized his life insurance to handle all expenses related to his death. The costs for his medical treatment and care, the funeral and burial, as well as any remaining debts, were all taken care of.

On top of this, Frank also made sure that his family would be financially comfortable.

He planned for a lump sum payment to be made available to them, that would guarantee making their lives a little more carefree following his passing.

Because of this, Cassandra was able to stop her part-time job and be home with her family. She was also able to pay off her remaining tuition fees.

As a direct result of his life insurance, Frank was able to remove a lot of the stress and worry that his family would have initially felt at the time of his death, as well as support the future of his loved ones.

Cassandra, who is now also a valued ASN client, is grateful every day for the legacy that her grandfather left behind, by ensuring that his loved ones would be happy and looked after.

“I think of him almost every day”, she says. “If it hadn’t been for the news of his life insurance, I don’t know what we would have done to get through such a sad and difficult time for our family.”

It is stories like this that truly remind us how important it is to keep our loved ones in mind, even in the times that we are no longer around.

This story is inspired by the work that ASN does. The details of the story are fictional and do not represent a real client or reflect the story of a real client. ASN values its clients’ privacy and does not disclose client information to the public without their direct knowledge and permission. ASN abides by strict global data protection rules and regulations.


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