Article | 09.05.2021
Article | 09.05.2021

International Private Medical Insurance: Luxury Health Care, The Best Doctors & First-Class Facilities

How can you get access to the best health care and medical facilities in the world?

In the world of health insurance, there exists one standard of cover that exceeds all others: international private medical insurance (IPMI). 

Also referred to as international health insurance or expat insurance, IPMI is health insurance that is recognised worldwide and provides the insured persons with a level of cover and support greater than standard or local health insurance products.

International private medical insurance grants access to the best doctors, specialists, hospitals and clinics in the world. 

Whether it is for a planned surgery, an emergency, a routine check-up or an additional benefit, such a physiotherapy or alternative medicine, you are guaranteed to receive the best possible medical attention available. 

What do the specialists say?

Marie Modini, a leading international insurance consultant and broker in Switzerland, has been closely watching the global situation and assessing the desire for first-class medical care.

“Since 2020, the number of people investing in IPMI or international health insurance has grown exponentially”, she says. “The COVID-19 pandemic generated an increased awareness when considering the quality of health care that individuals and families rely on.

The world of luxury health care and first-class medical facilities is now becoming a standard that more and more people seek to attain. Insurance specialists know this to be true because, as the world looks to the future, the ‘new normal’ includes an expectation for global access to the best health care and health insurance options.”  

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International health insurance, while ideal for expats and frequently travelling professionals, is the most optimal solution for medical insurance coverage. 

Some of the benefits of international private medical insurance include global access to:

  • A private room for recovery and rehabilitation.

  • Free choice of first-class medical facilities and doctors/specialists.

  • The ability to receive a free second opinion from another doctor of your choice.

  • Superior customer service and administrative support.

  • Additional benefits, such as optical, dental, maternity, physiotherapy, etc.

  • The capacity to include family members within a policy.

Why luxury health care?

The ability to select your own hospital or clinic should not be underestimated. Having the capacity to select a high-end or ultra-modern facility is the ideal scenario for anyone in need of surgery or treatment.

You are guaranteed better quality amenities and a higher standard of care, as well as a more comfortable and reassuring experience. 

It is interesting to consider the amount of money that people will spend on other services, material possessions and travel, before they consider the need to invest in a high quality of health care for themselves or their family. 

While many expect excellent health care to be immediately available in the moment that it is required, this is not always the case and can often lead to disappointing outcomes in post-surgical attention, overall comfort, and support in administrative matters, e.g., obtaining guarantee of payment, claims, documentation, advice, etc. 

Cost of & Access to International Private Medical Insurance

While investing in international private medical insurance may depend on your financial situation, the ability to select between a variety of cover levels and packages is always available.

Even on a fixed income, this allows you to benefit from the core components of an international health insurance, which includes access to global health care, private facilities, superior service and support, and the best medical attention available.

When looking for IPMI or international health insurance, contacting a broker is highly recommended. Having a specialist on your side, who can negotiate better terms and advise you of the best insurance solution that meets your needs, is absolutely essential. 

To summarise…

International private medical insurance (IPMI) is becoming a trend in a world that is, more than ever before, considering the links between globalisation and health care. 

An investment made today in the ability to access luxury health care and first-class medical facilities is an investment that will provide you or your family with better security and comfort in the future. 

It is important to consider the support and conveniences of international health insurance and why seeking consultation from a specialist is the smart choice for obtaining the right cover.

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