Article | 05.05.2020
Article | 05.05.2020

5 reasons income protection and disability insurance is a must-have

What is income protection and disability insurance and why should I have it?

These are questions that many of us ask ourselves, and for a good reason. Protecting yourself and your financial position, on the basis of your profession, is essential to guaranteeing your security, your future and the security of your loved ones. Here are 5 reasons why you should be investing in income protection and disability insurance:

  1. Loss of sight, limb or other senses

    If you are a surgeon, a musician, an acrobat, a professional athlete, a bus driver, a chef, or any other type of professional that is highly reliant on the use of their arms, legs, sight and other senses, then you will know how it important it is to take care of yourself and ensure your ability to keep doing your job.

    However, we aren’t always in control of what happens to us. If there is a car accident, a chronic illness, or genetic disease that suddenly impacts on your life, you could be left without the ability to keep doing what it is you love in your career. Income protection and disability insurance is there to cover you should this ever occur.

  2. Loss of life

    Like life insurance, income protection and disability insurance is able to cover you and provide financial security for your loved ones in the event that you lose your life.

    A once-off lump sum can be made available to your loved ones that will provide your beneficiaries with the needed support to cover funeral expenses, any remaining debt, as well as provide a comfortable quality of life during an otherwise difficult time.

  3. The ability to transfer career pathways and still receive benefits

    If you are forced to change your career, as a result of illness/disease, loss of limb, loss of senses, etc., you have the ability to change your career and still receive the benefits from your income protection and disability insurance.

    While this transfer is available to you, the insurance company will also not put any pressure on you to change career or return to work in any capacity. Your cover will support you completely.

  4. Temporary total disablement

    Income protection and disability insurance does not just cover for permanent disablement. If you are temporarily disabled, you are also eligible to receive the benefits of your insurance cover.

    This is particularly important for those who require immediate financial support and may need to wait for an extended period of time before being able to return to work.

  5. Support for your loved ones

    If you are the primary or sole income earner in your household, your profession and income means the survival of your loved ones. As such, should you be forced to retire early due to uncontrollable circumstances, or be forced to transition to another career with a lower salary, it is vital that you have income protection and disability insurance in place to protect those closest to you.

    Income protection and disability insurance is guaranteed security for any professional and will always provide peace of mind, should it ever be required.


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