Article | 24.05.2020
Article | 24.05.2020

Is international health insurance better than local health insurance?

5 reasons why international health insurance is better than local health insurance and public healthcare.

Yes; this could be considered the short answer. If you are relocating, travelling frequently for work, or in need of a superior and private health insurance product, international health insurance offers a more comprehensive and flexible level of cover. Why do you need international health insurance? As well as covering your medical expenses, international health insurance, sometimes referred to as expat insurance, is recognized worldwide and can be upgraded or downgraded to suit your needs and the needs of your family.

Census research from 2018 shows that 67.7% of Americans prefer private health insurance, which includes international health insurance. The following explains why international health insurance is better than local or public healthcare:


Local health insurance is usually less expensive than international health insurance. However, as international health insurance is recognized worldwide and provides the benefits of private health insurance, it is definitely worth the additional cost.
Public healthcare systems are usually overcrowded and don’t offer the best quality of care that you and your loved ones deserve. As such, you can expect longer waiting times, out-of-pocket payments, and a limited choice of doctors and facilities.

Private status

International health insurance is better because it provides you with the benefits of a private status. This includes:

  • your choice of doctor or hospital;
  • access to a network of trusted international hospitals, clinics and specialists;
  • your own room for recovery;
  • free second opinions;
  • and global multilingual support.

Your regular doctor visits are covered and you also have the capacity to add physiotherapy, dental, maternity, and alternative medicine to your policy.
Local health insurance solutions are usually at a public healthcare or semi-private level. The benefits are minimal and quality of care can not be compared to that of an international health insurance product.

Area of cover

International health insurance is recognized worldwide, as are the benefits that come with it. Local health insurance solutions are generally limited to your country of residence and don’t offer global support in the same way.
Local health insurance solutions may only offer a limited amount of cover for emergency medical treatment abroad, and only for a certain number of days. As such, if you only have local health insurance, you could be left with extensive medical expenses and a lack of support from the insurance provider.


International health insurance provides you with your choice of hospitals and clinics that guarantee you the medical care you require. As international health insurance is private health insurance, you benefit from access to the best facilities available and your own room during recovery and rehabilitation.
Many countries are without adequate healthcare facilities. International health insurance can also provide cover for your medical expenses if you choose to travel to another country or your country or origin for treatment.

Language support

As international health insurance is recognized worldwide, you also benefit from global multilingual support. Local health insurance companies are not often able to provide this level of 24/7 care. International health insurance companies specialise in providing help to their clients at all times, and in all places.

The verdict

While local health insurance and public healthcare options may be less expensive, the benefits of international health insurance are far greater and, in the long term, are worth the additional cost. Would you put a price tag on the quality of healthcare that you and your family have access to? International health insurance is especially ideal for expats and travelling professionals, and a superior solution for all people in need of a comprehensive level of cover.

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