Article | 16.04.2020
Article | 16.04.2020

battleface: travel insurance with an edge

We live in an age when global travel is more accessible than ever before. The dream of working from any location (pending decent Wi-Fi) is now a reality, and exploring the once un-explorable destinations is within reach. As such, a superior level of travel insurance is needed to support you during these great adventures.

Imagine you are on safari in the deepest jungles or desert plains of Africa, or engaging in research and reporting as a journalist in a conflict zone. Imagine being in need of rescue from the aftermath of a natural disaster in South America... or just simply going backpacking around Europe with friends. Wherever you’re going, you need one thing: battleface. battleface travel insurance isn’t your everyday travel insurance; it isn’t the cover that you take on vacation to Capri. However, it would definitely cover you in Capri also.

battleface is a completely comprehensive and bulletproof level of travel insurance, suited to adventurers, explorers, journalists, foreign diplomats, aid workers, digital nomads, adrenaline junkies, and… anyone really.

But what makes battleface so special? Consider this...

If you are kidnapped and held for ransom, battleface has you covered; skydiving over rocky canyons in Turkey, battleface has you covered; reporting on civil unrest in a war-torn country, battleface has you covered; or just sipping champagne at a rooftop bar overlooking Paris? Yes, still covered. battleface travel insurance will keep you carefree while you enjoy life and travel all around the world.

Cover with battleface includes:

  • Emergency medical care and dental;
  • lost luggage;
  • change of travel plans due to unexpected reasons;
  • a 24/7 multilingual helpline;
  • and on-the-ground support from someone at your travel destination who can communicate in both your language and the destination language.

You can purchase your battleface cover immediately online and it is tailored specifically to your length of travel and the destinations you intend to visit. As soon as you have selected your options through the online form and purchased your cover, you will immediately receive the receipt and policy contract via email. It is that simple and that is why we love it. So, no matter the type of traveller you are and no matter the place, don’t travel without… battleface.


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