Press release | 17.05.2020
Press release | 17.05.2020

ASN’s 25th Anniversary: a quarter of a century and going strong

Celebrating 25 years of success in the field of international insurance, ASN’s Managing Director, Pascal Fanti, looks back at how much has changed over the last two decades.

Based in Zürich, Switzerland, ASN, Advisory Service Network AG, has been at the forefront of the industry as an international insurance broker and service provider for over 25 years. As experts in international health, travel, life and disability insurance solutions, the consultants at ASN have provided unparalleled care and support for over 5000 individual clients, in over 100 countries.

Leading this strong, diverse and dynamic team for 25 years is Mr. Pascal Fanti. Mr. Fanti has always maintained a vision of what ASN would become and how, as a priority partner of some of the greatest international insurance companies in the world, it could consistently strengthen its offerings for its individual and corporate clients, on a global scale. In an interview with the long-standing Managing Director, Mr Fanti, who assumed sole ownership in 2002, he expressed his joy for leading ASN and what important developments he has noticed over the years.

“Though the project of ASN launched in 1993, as a part of Swiss Life, it wasn’t until 1994 that the true mission of ASN became obvious: to provide quality services to expats. Then, in 1995, ASN, Advisory Services Network AG, claimed its title”, he says. “In 1996, our first major client required cover for its 84 expatriated families, and it was clear then that what these families needed was a comprehensive international version of Private Swiss Health Cover. At the time, there were no such products available on the market. We identified the ideal insurance partner and, after 18 months of negotiations, we had the very first version of International Swiss Medical.”

Mr. Fanti continues, “As the years went by, we began to form many mutually beneficial partnerships with top-tier insurance providers. In 1998, cooperation with Sanitas and Intras saw ASN become a reference and trusted partner on the Swiss market for multinational companies.” It was partnerships like this that led to ASN’s great success, among both Swiss people abroad and local nationals all over the world.

In 2004, ASN introduced its exclusive benefit of Free-Vesting to individual clients from Sanitas and Intras. This allowed these clients to transfer to an international health insurance policy without a health-check. In 2014, ASN formed priority partnerships with award-winning international insurance providers, including Cigna, Now Health International and Bupa. Now, it is an offer that has been further optimized and, thanks to the partnerships with Now Health International and WellAway, provides cover to any ASN client with a complimentary insurance policy issued by any Swiss insurance company.

Now, in 2020, ASN continues to develop its products and services for its global individual and corporate clientele; including expats, travelling professionals, families, and multinational corporate and business clients of all sizes. ASN utilizes its priority partnership to offer its clients a VIP status, ensuring that they receive the best service available.

“But it hasn’t been easy”, says Mr. Fanti. “There have been many moments along the way that have required the team to stay strong through numerous challenges. The global financial crisis in 2008 required ASN to evolve and grow from offering one product to partnering with numerous other providers and commence offering many products. This lasted from 2008 to 2012, but also contributed to the strong portfolio that we have today.” In terms of compliance and the ever-changing face of international insurance regulations, ASN has always needed to be two steps ahead and anticipated change, in order to ensure its clients always have the required cover. “Compliance is a tricky problem because it can challenge the “portability” of a solution, but this has only increased our drive to provide “portable” solutions. Our mission has always been to provide globally recognized private cover that is life-long and can be tailored to a client’s unique situation.”

“Being the Managing Director for as long as I have has also meant seeing many team members come and go. This presents its own challenges in many ways, but it is necessary in order to ensure that our team members are always the best at what they do and are able to provide our clients with the best service possible.” In 25 years, Pascal Fanti has developed a once small project team of 3 people into an international consultancy company, consisting of over 20 employees, that has gained world-wide recognition and won multiple awards. Moving fast into 2021, ASN is confidently looking to set up offices in France, Germany and the U.K. About his team and moving forward, Mr. Fanti has this to say, “The ASN team is a family with a superior spirit. They are equally motivated and highly skilled individuals, appreciated for their diversity and what they bring to the company. They work together and this means that our clients benefit from that level of organisation and team work. Altogether, the team strives for excellence and each member holds each other accountable because they know that trust is key – trust between each other and trust between us and our clients.”

Mr. Fanti closes by saying, “ASN celebrates 25 years of success and eagerly anticipates the next 25 years. We will still be an international company, with its headquarters in Zürich, Switzerland, and will continue to be the champion of producing complex solutions that fit the needs of global clients, both private and corporate, as well as the champion of good and reliable service.” Celebrations for the silver anniversary include a festive team event, the creation of a commemorative video, as well as the exciting launch of a new website under the new global domain:


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