Article | 2020-06-14

Moving to the U.S.A: why you need international health insurance

Are you moving to the U.S.A soon and concerned about the healthcare situation there? It’s ok, we would be too; and there is good cause to be.

Article | 2020-06-07

Medical Second Opinion - 5 Reasons to Use It

Here are 5 reasons why you should take advantage of your free second opinion, made available to you with international health insurance.

Article | 2020-05-24

Is international health insurance better than local health insurance?

5 reasons why international health insurance is better than local health insurance and public healthcare.

Press release | 2020-05-17

ASN’s 25 th Anniversary: a quarter of a century and going strong

Celebrating 25 years of success in the field of international insurance, ASN’s Managing Director, Pascal Fanti, looks back at how much has changed over the last two decades.

Article | 2020-05-12

6 ways to improve your health and fitness in the office

Many companies are now seeing the benefits in encouraging their employees to adopt a healthier mentality towards fitness and introduce ways of standing and exercising at work.

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