Article | 14.06.2020
Article | 14.06.2020

Moving to the U.S.A: why you need international health insurance

Are you moving to the U.S.A soon and concerned about the healthcare situation there?

It’s ok, we would be too; and there is good cause to be. The American healthcare system is notoriously expensive due to the government’s absence in working to control healthcare costs.

As such, administrative costs, drug costs, defensive medicine, expensive mix of treatments, and branding all contribute to the higher costs and medical expenses not experienced in other developed countries, where governments do play a stronger role in the healthcare system.

For perspective, consider the following costs as mentioned on a U.S. Government site for healthcare:

  • A broken leg can cost up to US$7,500;
  • The average cost of a 3-day stay in hospital is approximately US$30,000;
  • Cancer treatment and care can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It is easy to see how, as some online sources confirm, healthcare costs in the U.S. are the number one cause of bankruptcies.

For this reason, it is extremely important to be protected by a comprehensive international health insurance plan when moving to the U.S. The right level of cover will protect you from any unexpected high medical costs, should you and or your family members require medical assistance or medication at any given time.

Further, it is important to acknowledge that some states will charge a fee if you are without qualifying health insurance. This fee may be charged to you when you file your state taxes and, historically, has been calculated on the basis of household income, as well as the number of dependents.

International health insurance ensures that you and or your loved ones are already protected when you arrive in the U.S.As with all private health insurance, once you have reached payments in the amount of your chosen deductible, the health insurance company will pay for future medical expenses during the remainder of the cover year. Copayments may and usually do apply. This could result in saving those hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Another benefit to having the private status that comes with international health insurance is the level of care provided during treatment and recovery. The right international insurance can secure a private room during hospital stays, faster service, better support from the provider, free second opinions, access to global services, etc.

More importantly, while international insurance will keep you covered during your move to the U.S, it will also look after your healthcare needs while traveling or if you choose to relocate again.

Our insurance partner WellAway specializes in health insurance in the USA and offers you an easy way to purchase your insurance online. You can contact us for more information about their products.

 If you are moving abroad, travelling for work or holiday, or are in need of a more comprehensive International Health Insurance to meet the needs of you and or your family, you can reach out to us at

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