Customer story | 25.03.2020
Customer story | 25.03.2020

The Zimlam Moringa Tea Project in Senegal

We don’t always get to hear about the incredible places our clients travel to and the amazing things that they engage in, but when we do, it can be absolutely inspiring.

One of our clients in Senegal operates an organization called Zimlam, which works in the growing, harvesting and production of Moringa tea and powder. The program proudly employs a community of dedicated Senegalese women, providing them a happier and more carefree lifestyle, selling their ethically farmed Moringa products. The Moringa tree is known by many names, including “The Miracle Tree” and “l’Arbre de Vie” (The Tree of Life). It is known for this because of its potent healing properties and numerous health benefits, containing rich antioxidants, proteins, nutrients and vitamins. The health and vitality of the community is proof of this. Now, Zimlam is sharing this with the world.

Knowing what our client is creating through Zimlam is incredible and is also symbolic of our passion for good health, access to better care and a happier way of life. We applaud the efforts of Zimlam and hope that their story inspires similar projects: stimulating economic growth for those in need, generating methods of ethical sustainability and promoting genuine community engagement.

If you would like to support the Zimlam Moringa project in Senegal, purchase Moringa tea, or learn more about their great work, you can do so by following this link here.

We are always excited to learn more about what our clients do. If you would like to share your story with ASN, please email us at

Pictures provided by Zimlam.


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