Gain control over your worldwide Employee Benefits!

With ASN-WEB (Worldwide Employee Benefits) ASN now provides bespoke and comprehensive solutions for corporate clients who face challenges with insurable Employee Benefits due to their internationality. ASN-WEB is a holistic approach helping companies to gain control of their EB management with little effort and no additional resources necessary on their part.

customized modules and instant overview

ASN-WEB consists of two modules with five logical steps building on each other. To complete these steps, ASN’s benefits experts utilize different tools depending on the situation. 

In the very first step, the client & ASN define objectives and write an action plan. 

Next, a consistent and detailed data base is created at a local and an international level including:

  • Costs per legal entity, per country and consolidated on group level
  • Compliance and governance situations in every country
  • Policy information and documentation including claims history 
  • Insurance providers & pooling networks 
  • ASN trains the stakeholders on the data collection as well as on the reporting tools.

immediate control and savings

These data allow the customer & ASN to do a detailed cost & risk analysis and to reveal potential for improvement. Through ASNs support during the implementation and controlling phase, the client will:

  • Gain control about the increasingly complex & multifaceted EB plans
  • Generate savings due to the optimization of his international EB landscape
  • Keep control about his EB data, renewals and negotiations with providers or tenders
Another advantage about ASN-WEB is that the customer can continue to work with his preferred insurance broker and insurance providers and there is no need to hire additional personnel because ASN provides support at every step.

ASN-WEB provides all services you need to make the best decisions on Employee Benefits at the national and international levels. 

Benefits for HR

  • Guaranteed modern and flexible EB design
  • Ensured compliance of local EB plans in parallel with your global guidelines and values
  • The set-up of EB plans for your new subsidiaries, in numerous countries
  • Optimal EB plans for your local staff, expatriates, off-shore workers and other special professionals

Benefits for Finance & Risk Management

  • Secure and cost-effective financing methods
  • Consultation and management of Mulitnational Pooling
  • Helping your subsidiaries to optimize EB plans and generate savings 
  • Consultation and research that supports informed decision making regarding a Benefits Captive

Module 1: AAA-Data

AAA stands for “Acquisition, Analysis, Aggregation” – the main characteristics of this module, and the data quality level we aim to achieve for your company. The modules key advantages are:

  • All countries and subsidiaries
  • All insurers and Pooling networks
  • All EB plan documents, premiums, claims etc.
  • Recommendations for optimizations

All data are validated, analyzed and reported and then delivered via the ASN-WEB EB Dashboard.

Module 2: Solutions & Services

Building on your AAA quality data, you can start optimizing your EB landscape with:

  • Implementation of optimizations
  • Virtual Pooling management
  • Corporate Health advisory that connects your health and insurance concepts
  • Ongoing monitoring and consistend reporting
  • Dedicated, multi-lingual service


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