Financial security for your employees in the event of an emergency

Globally active organizations often employ specialists whose skills are needed across the globe. These specialists typically spend several years on assignments away from their home countries, constantly change the country of their employment or simply have need for Employee Benefits beyond their resident countries’ possibilities.

Life & Disability are the most common insurable Employee Benefits around the world. However, their definitions and level or benefits strongly varies from country to country, especially when developed countries with the emerging markets. These differences can lead to severe compliance issues on the one hand and unmet employee expectations on the other.

ASN offers international insurance solutions to help you to fulfill your duty of care and be compliant, as well as being able to offer attractive Employee Benefits to this special group of employees. Besides classic Life and Disability covers, we can tailor solutions to your need and include other insurance lines such as Spouse and Child Income, Pension Premium Waiver etc.

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