Advantages for Companies and Employees at ASN.

Advantages for Corporate

  • Management of Reporting & Information
  • Key Contact Support
  • Consistent Support & Quality Service
  • Optimal Risk Management
  • Multi-Layered Support from HQ Level to Subsidiaries
  • Improved Reputation regarding Employee Benefits

Advantages for Employees

  • Tailored & Comprehensive Insurance Solutions
  • Quality Multilingual Customer Care
  • Extensive Access to Healthcare Providers beyond Insurers Network
  • Global Access to Private Medical Care & Facilities
  • Globally Recognised Insurance Solutions
  • Quality Insurance Solutions & Customer Care for Family Members

Insurance Solutions

International Health Insurance
The provision of International Health Insurance for your individual or groups of employees, as well as for their families, ensures that they are guaranteed a globally recognised medical cover. International health insurance can be scaled from a basic to premium level and can also include benefits such as dental, optical, maternity and alternative medicine.
Life Insurance
Life insurance guarantees that, should your employee pass away unexpectedly, their family or chosen beneficiary will receive a lump sum payment that will ensure financial security and the cover of any medical or funeral related expenses.
Travel Insurance & Business Travel Insurance
For mobile employees or employees who are travelling frequently, a comprehensive level of travel insurance will ensure that they are taken care of during medical or travel related emergencies or other situations. Travel insurance and business travel insurance can be tailored to your employee’s situation and scaled to provide a higher level of travel medical cover.
Insurance Solutions for High-Risk Individuals
For employees working in high-risk situations, professional athletes, diplomats/foreign dignitaries, etc. ASN is able to provide tailored insurance solutions that will ensure their health, lives, income and safety are secured. The insurance consultants at ASN are experts in identifying and tailoring insurance solutions to meet the unique and specific needs of these individuals.
Disability Insurance & Income Protection
The provision of disability insurance and income protection for your employees will ensure that, should they be rendered temporarily or permanently impaired or disabled, they will have financial security to support their recovery or transition into another career or early retirement. This level of insurance covers for loss of license and also provides benefits to the employee’s family in case of loss of life.
International Pension Solutions
Leveraging our international network and our extensive experience, we are able to provide you with real solutions to any issues relating to your expatriates’ pensions. Our seasoned expertise in expatriate pension plans enables us to provide our clients with benchmarks and a wide range of feedback tools.

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