Article | 2022-10-18

Reaching Gen Z employees with your employee benefits

As the population grows older and a new cohort enters the working world, businesses need to adapt the employee benefits they offer to attract the right kind of talent. It’s not enough just to offer employee health insurance - you’ll need to target features that are specifically appealing to this new generation of workers. Read on to understand how to attract Gen Z employees, as well as which types of employee benefits stand out in a competitive market.

Article | 2022-07-13

Expert Insights Series: Top insurance tips from the Employee Benefits experts

What are the key concerns for businesses managing their insurable Employee Benefits for the coming years? What do multinational businesses struggle with - and what can they offer that can entice the best candidates to their global roles?

Article | 2022-06-28

What compliance around international EB Management do you need to be aware of?

For multinational businesses, the problem of compliance is one that can cause a lot of consternation. Handling various regulatory frameworks for company group health insurance, various pension plans and more on a global scale can cause legislative boundary headaches - and finding insurance solutions that can handle the differences can be expensive.

Article | 2022-06-12

#ExpertInsights Series: Explaining the current state of EB management

Employee Benefits management has become an increasingly complex area of business administration. With globalization increasingly making it easier for companies to expand internationally and recent worldwide events leading to a new focus on flexible working, the definition of “employees” and “benefits” has undergone seismic change.

Article | 2022-05-10

Reducing risk with centralized EB management

For most business areas, reducing risk is a priority. However, creating an efficient and powerful centralized system for business processes such as Employee Benefits management can seem too complex to initiate, even if it does help to reduce risk.


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