Gain control over your worldwide Employee Benefits!

Our ever changing world does not stop at Employee Benefits. For companies with international presence this means that on both HQ and local level, where their subsidiaries need central support, face growing challenges with compliance, finance, employees’ shifting demand and market disruptions. Because of these overwhelming changes, control is of great importance 

To answer this need, ASN developed a modular solution to deal with all issues related to the different local benefits, world-wide.

  • identify your main cost drivers
  • ensure that compliance and governance is in place
  • and help the local HR and Finance teams to deal with an increasing complexity as well as multifaceted employees’ demands.

Module 1: AAA-Data

AAA stands for “Acquisition, Analysis, Aggregation” – the main characteristics of this module – and the data quality level we aim to achieve for your company.

  • All countries and subsidiaries
  • All insurers and pooling-networks
  • Plan documents, premiums, claims etc.
  • Validated and analyzed
  • Reported
  • All data and reports delivered via the Aggregated EB Dashboard

Module 2: Solutions & Services

Building on your now available AAA-quality data, you can start optimizing your EB landscape with ASN.

  • Recommendations for optimization
  • Implementation and monitoring
  • All countries and subsidiaries
  • Virtual Pooling management of all pooling-networks
  • Corporate Health advisory – connecting your health and insurance concepts
  • Reporting via Aggregated EB Dashboard
  • Dedicated, multi-lingual service

Benefits for HR

  • Guaranteed modern and flexible benefit design
  • Ensured compliance of local benefits plans in parallel with your global guidelines and values
  • The set up of benefit plans for your new subsidiaries, in numerous countries
  • Optimal plans for your expatriates, off-shore workers, professional athletes, other special professionals, etc.

Benefits for Finance & Risk Management

  • Secure and cost-effective financing methods
  • Consultation and management of mulit-national pooling
  • Helping your subsidiaries to optimise costs of local plans
  • Consultation and research that supports informed decision making regarding a benefits captive


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