About ASN

We are a priority partner of some of the most award winning international insurance providers in the world. This means that you get the best insurance solutions and your employees benefit from the highest quality of service available.

Founded in 1991, as a specialised division of Swiss Life, the project of ASN launched with the purpose to provide international insurance solutions to people in need of global cover, as well as deliver quality service and solutions to corporates, employers and their employees. In 1995, ASN, Advisory Services Network AG, became an independent international consulting and broker company, under the management of Pascal Fanti.

In 1996, ASN faced its first large scale challenge in corporate business when one client required international insurance coverage for its 84 expatriate employees and their families. It was clear that organisations and employers needed a comprehensive level of Private Swiss Health Care for their relocated and travelling workers. It took months of negotiation at the time but ASN was able to successfully secure comprehensive international health insurance cover for all 84 families.

ASN rapidly became a reference and trusted partner on the Swiss market for multinational companies, of all sizes and fields of business. Partnerships with trusted international insurance providers developed and expanded over the years, ensuring ASN’s portfolio of expat insurance solutions grew beyond International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI). Now, ASN has the capacity to offer international solutions for Health Insurance, Travel & Business Travel Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance and Income Protection.

Since day one, the mission and vision of ASN has not changed; it will always work to deliver the highest quality of international insurance solutions and best customer care available to expatriates, traveling and mobile employees, high risk individuals and the companies and employers that recruit them.

Our Vision and Mission Statement

ASN’s vision and mission is to support organisations in their efforts to provide the best possible cover and care for their employees.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to identify, secure and offer the most comprehensive and flexible insurance solutions that meet the needs of our individual and corporate global clientele; while offering expert consultation and a superior level of service, free-of-charge.

Vision Statement

As the world of international business continues to evolve, ASN’s vision will always be to provide expatriate individuals and their families, and mobile and travelling employees, with the best globally recognised insurance solutions and services available, that can be tailored to meet their needs, as well as the needs of the companies they represent.

A Letter from the Director

Dear Colleagues & Professionals

Having worked in the field of international insurance for over 30 years, I have witnessed all types of complex cases and specific insurance needs for expatriate employees and their families, as well as mobile and travelling workers, and high risk individuals, such as professional athletes and high profile dignitaries.

After all these years, I am no longer surprised by how different every need and situation can be. It is always relative to the destination(s), the origin(s), the industry, the number of people to be insured, the level of cover, etc. As such, the skill to adapt and tailor insurance solutions to meet the needs of those unique scenarios is a skill that I, as well as the team members at ASN, have now become experts in.

But, rather than discuss our level of expertise in the field of international insurance, I want to take the time to affirm that ASN’s core value is the level of customer care and dedicated service that it provides to all of its clients: individuals, all levels of corporate (HQ and subsidiaries), organisation management, human resources, and the employees that they represent.

Our dedicated team of multilingual insurance consultants and customer care advisors work hard to provide a completely personalised, transparent and professional service from the set-up of the policy to the renewal period and onwards.

It is our mission to ensure that your employees have the most comprehensive level of insurance available to them and that we are able to provide you with the highest quality of administrative services, consultation and support.

Pascal Fanti ASN is defined by its years of expertise, knowledge, strong partnerships with the international insurance providers, its ability to research and understand complex situations, and last but not least, its ongoing passion for delivering international insurance solutions and customer care to professionals all over the world.

Warm Regards,

Pascal Fanti
Managing Director
ASN, Advisory Services Network AG

ASN’s leading corporate team welcomes the opportunity to speak with you.

Pascal Fanti
Pascal Fanti
Board of Directors
DE / EN / FR / IT
Guglielmo Callipari
Guglielmo Callipari
Corporate Business
DE / EN / IT
Balazs Kaposvari
Balazs Kaposvari
Insurance Consultation

What makes ASN different?

ASN, Advisory Services Network AG, is an international insurance broker and advisory company located in Zurich, Switzerland. ASN is privately owned and its CEO ensures trust, dedication, knowledge, and a welcoming spirit are the foundations of the company’s business.
Priority Status
As ASN is a Priority Partner with the insurance companies, you receive Priority Status benefits & options. This means you receive exclusive insurance solutions and priority services.
concierge quality support
Exceptional Service
Concierge-quality services that are free-of-charge and ensure that you receive the best possible care; from the consultation and set-up of your policy, through to all claims processing and renewals.
knowledge expertise
Expert Knowledge
For over 25 years, ASN has been home to consultants with expert knowledge and close professional relationships with the insurance providers. You receive only the best advice, service, support and insurance.
Global support
We can offer you global support in 4 languages, as well as provide access to 24/7 multilingual helplines. No matter where you are in the world, you will always experience superior assistance.
trust transparency
Trust & Transparency
We pride ourselves on offering you, as well as our partners and corporate clients, the utmost trust and transparency. We know that honesty is fundamental to long-term professional relationships, and that is our promise to you.
complete package
Complete Package
With ASN, you receive more than just your insurance. You have access to exclusive global benefits and services. Further, your personal ASN consultant will handle your policy administration, claims, medical provider queries, requests for guarantees of payment, and much more.

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